"Hakan is a genius inventor, a perfectionist, a workaholic and an idealist. In other words, a maniac!

Whenever he starts something, you can be sure that at the end his product will be incommensurable.

If he wouldn´t be such a symphatic and unboastfully fellow, he for sure would have a lot of grudger.

Oh no, he didn´t pay me to write this!"

Helge Thun

"Hakan is a designer, which is characterized by a limitless curiosity.

He is the inventor par excellence; plays, rejects and thinks several corners simultaneously.

It's just a great fun to discover new concepts with him.

Harry Keaton



Emotion Box With the emotion box the audience feels other things than actually exists. The Emotion Box was developed in cooperation with Harry Keaton. 650,00 EUR

NEW: Now also available as a collapsible design for transport

ATTENTION: About the high demand, please request this articel only by
e-mail! Thank you for understanding.

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Egg Present this on your own risk. 340,00 €

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Wooden Box The wooden box is not a magic trick but a puzzle game. The first in a new series. € 60.00

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Key The key is be demonstrated both as a trick, as well as puzzle game with a borrowed ladies ring. From 40,00 €

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Novelty 2015

The Washer A washer is powered by a leather strap frees although the ends of the leather cord by two spectators are recorded. 30,00 €

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Puzzle small Despite the additional puzzle pieces fit the puzzle still in the frame. 70,00 EUR

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Puzzle big Despite the additional puzzle pieces fit the puzzle still in the frame. 170,00 EUR

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